About the New Horizon Expo

With all the advances in technology, there still isn’t a good replacement for a face to face, one to one interaction. Until we can shake a hand, taste, touch and smell through technology, this will continue to be true.

The New Horizon Expo was designed to bring together the best from a wide variety of fields to help the public learn information they may need to help them make better decisions about their physical and emotional health and well-being, their homes, business, finances and so much more.

Small business owners are often at a disadvantage when it comes to trying to compete with larger businesses that can afford to outspend them in every category.  That’s why we put together a number of differenet ways for businesses to participate in the New Horizon Expo with exhibit tables, speaking opportunities and varying levels of sponsorship that will help them reach their target audience.

For the public who attend, there will be a wealth of information available from the featured speakers as well as from the exhibitors at each table.  There will also be products to buy, samples to try, give-aways and more.

About the Organizer

Mark Krieger is known in small business circles throughout Queens and Long Island as a networking maven whose main focus is helping others.  He has been putting together networking events and business expos for several years.  He also runs the Beautiful Memories Gemach, which provides dress clothing to the less fortunate at no cost and has a wellness business with a focus on natural home and self care products.